Friday, June 4, 2010

Mon côté sauvage

I said hey honey, take a walk on the wild side + the coloured girls say “do dodododo do dodo do dodododo do dodo do dodododo do dodo do dodo dodo do dodo dooooooo”

Its five past one in the morning + I locked myself in the library to study physics for next weeks exam; this is going to be my first all-nighter ever! (that does not sound as exciting as it should.. or shouldn’t?)
Anyway, I’ve been having a bad week + I’m losing concentration + the bit of enthusiasm I had saved up for these exams. I’m reading my physics book + its all going in from one ear + out from the other, + its making me sick -.-
Also, am I the only one to experience little green flying bugs pinching my skin away at night?

One last thing I want to get off my chest is my desperate desire to go back up to England. A few weeks ago my mother told me that my father + sister are going up right after exams are finished (obviously they would not bare to leave me behind would they hah) + now it’s all I can think of! Gosh I want to live there!

I should get back to my next chapter now. Chapter 7, Elasticity :D